You spend a lot of time and money ensuring they your eCommerce website is the best it can be. However getting that valuable order is only the start of a process. Once received orders must be Picked, Packed and Dispatched efficiently and accurately if you are to thrive in the online world.

This process can often be forgotten about, your website generates orders, your stock control system ensures you have stock available but do either assist you in the pick and Dispatch process. AMIPAD (AMI Pick and Dispatch) can help. 

AMIPAD allows you to pick orders in an efficient and accurate manner using a handheld device and scanner. Once picked AMIPAD will allow you to pack orders, print shipping labels and register the delivery with your courier. AMIPAD will also assist by allowing you to keep your customer informed by email at key points of the process. 


Pick orders using a handheld device.

Pick orders using a handheld device and scanner. Items will be presented for picking in a sequence created to minimise walking in warehouse or shop floor. You can even pick several orders at the same time so that two or more items from different orders located close together are picked in sequence.

AMIPAD also allows you to split orders so that one person picks items from a certain area only. When all items are picked the order is flagged on the console as ready for shipping.


Pack Items

The AMIPAD console shows you a complete overview of orders awaiting picking, Part picked and ready for Dispatch.

Select an order to dispatch and scan items as they are placed in the package. This second check virtually eliminates the prospect of costly returns where incorrect items are shipped to the customer.

Orders may also be part shipped where necessary with the balance to follow.

Order documentation is produced and may be printed or emailed directly to the customer along with an update on their order status.


Select the Method of Dispatch and Print shipping labels.

Once goods have been packed the most appropriate method of dispatched based on criteria such as country or even Postcode will be suggested. Labels will be printed and where required the shipment will automatically be registered with the Courier for collection.


Monitor Performance.

The built in reporting and graphics allow you to quickly monitor performance. Compare orders received V Orders shipped by Day and even time of the day. Compare operative Performance.