Will AMI work with my POS system.
AMI can take information directly from many widely used POS systems. Where there is no direct interface provided and your POS system can create a simple export file daily we can use this. We can usually assist in creating an export file where the facility does not exist in your POS.

I have several shops using different POS systems.
The information from several POS systems can be consolidated into a single AMI database allowing you to compare performance across your stores. Some interface configuration may be required where you have used different product/department coding across different systems. We can assist with this.

I have a web store as well can I see this information?
In many cases the webstore sales information will already be reflected in your existing POS and so will be directly available within the AMI dashboard. Where the webstore is run seperately information can be imported and merged with POS data in the AMI database allowing you to compare web and store sales.

Will AMI change any information in my POS system, and cause support issues with my POS supplier.
AMI reads information from your POS system to its own database, it does not change or interfere with data in your POS system in any way. We would always recommend keeping your current supplier informed where possible.

How can AMI produce comparisons against Budget when my POS system does not hold budget information.
Many POS systems will not allow you to store budgets, AMI lets you add the budget information directly to the AMI database either via its own entry routines or by importing from a spreadsheet. Once in the AMI database the information can be used for comparison.

I need some extra information, can AMI help?
In order to provide the flexible alerts and dashboard AMI has a comprehensive summary of your trading information held in its database. The AMI customised reports module allows you to have a report setup to meet your exact requirement. Reports can be accessed via the AMI dashboard or grouped as sets to be run and distributed automatically by email Daily, Weekly or Monthly as required.