Alert Me If (AMI)
As a successful business owner you have a very clear set of criteria by which you monitor and judge the success of your business. Active and timely monitoring of these KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) is vital to allow you spot potential issues and to react quickly before they become problems. However monitoring can be time consuming, at times even extracting the information you need can be difficult.

The AMI suite of products is designed around a simple yet effective concept;
"You tell us what you want to monitor and we tell you if something requires your attention."

AMI allows you to set your own KPI's, these will then be monitored Daily, Weekly or Monthly and where an exception occurs you will be alerted by email or SMS message. 

also provides comprehensive dashboards allowing you to report, graph and compare information. You can even combine information from several distinct sources including Footfall counters, Budgets and Shop Space plans.
Specifically for the Retail Sector AMI will work with almost any Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system. Define your own KPI's and recieve email or SMS alerts where trading is outside these. Use the dashboard to compare sales performance across branches and Departments or Custom reports to automate Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting.

Set KPI's and recieve alerts
Sales Dashboard
AMI4Retail provides a comprehensive sales dashboard as standard. Using the Dashboard you can interrogate, view and drill down into sales information by Region, Branch, Department, Sub-Department even down to individual item.  Define and save queries allowing simple one click access in the future.

You can compare performance against previous periods, Graph, Print or export to a spreadsheet.
Set your KPI rules via a simple point and click interface, Criteria can be based on sales value, profit, footfall, conversion, ATV, Items per transaction etc.. you can compare to fixed values or to previous trading periods.

Where trading is outside defined KPI's an alert will be sent by SMS or email to a selected list of recipents.
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Click the image for more information
Using AMI you can also compare against budget or even produce an analysis by display space allocated.
Custom Reports
Accessed via the AMI console the custom reporting module allows us to provide you with tailored reporting to meet your specific requirements. Once a report has been added you can run it as required or group several into a report set with a circulation list. Report sets can be run and distributed to the circulation list by email allowing you to automate Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting tasks.

Reports can contain comprehensive calculations allowing calculation of stock cover and suggested orders.
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